An Ode to Shasta Daisy

November 3, 2020 | By Jeanne Ferris | Filed in: Jeanne Ferris.
Three months old

My valiant shield maiden,

I never feared the darkness with you by my side

Your throaty 200 lb. growl threatened most demons and kept them at bay

Manners so proper, a true lady

you were something to behold.

For 12 years, you hid your business so

that I was spared with a bag in my hand.

Your spirit and muzzle so gentle and kind,

That the parakeet lived long after his escapade

in your mouth.

The butterflies were spared

because you only chased shadows.

But the murder of crows that descended

Soon discovered a caramel tornado with a powerful yell

Never mind you were only defending an empty dinner bowl.

The swaying palm fronds, the kites in the sky, the wind

and the hot air balloons—all shared your deep dislike.

How funny you were when it came to costumes, parties, and people,

Tactile was never close enough and your kisses were atypical. The cat licked me more than you.

How psychic you were when you were a pup,

to come my lap and place your oversized paw on my knee.

You made me look into your guileless brown eyes to see your quiet plea and rescue you from the cacophony.

How psychic you were as a maven to know when we suffered, so respectful you were…

I miss your intuitive, intelligent companionship,

your unconditional love

and your big brave heart.

See you at the gates of heaven, my canine love.


Six months old
A young juvenile

Shield maiden


Shasta Daisy Ferris 

October 31, 2020

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