TABLE food + drink

February 8th, 2018

Cesar’s in Rancho Santa Fe unveiled their new menu and name change in January 2018. Some menu faves but no longer touting Spanish tapas or dishes. All American eatery now.

Well attended (about 150) by invite only patrons, press (Bob Stefanko, editor Ranch & Coast), and restaurant contemporaries (Claire from Claire’s on Cedros) with hosted pass tray and signature cocktails, Spanish and California wine.A pork slider topped off with carrot and cabbage slaw (and a hint of wasabi)

Singer and songwriter, Lucas Nelson (Willie Nelson’s son), Hiroko, Yutaka Honzawa (Exec. VP, CFO, Sony)

Bob Stefanko with Rancho Santa Fe loyal patrons

Stop by and enjoy Taste mixologist’s concoctions at the bar while watching old classics on the screen as you hum along to¬†old classic tunes. Maybe, even sit down for a delicious partaking of their dishes!

Richard & Terumi, Uber cool proprietors of TABLE, food + drink

Be kind to each other, j

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