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God Bless 2015

January 13th, 2015 by Jeanne Ferris | No Comments | Filed in Jeanne Ferris

According to the Feng Shui calendar for 2015, the number 5 star visiting on the west side of the Bagua brings affliction.

There are 50 states in the U.S—In numerology, 5+0 = 5.

All democratic countries are considered the “west” and I guess you could say that the U.S. is being afflicted by the #5 star which also governs mishaps like the North Korean/Sony hack…

Western European country, Paris was more than a mishap. It was outright murder. Killing to prevent freedom of expression was a shot heard around the world. It is right up there with Farenheit 451. “They” say journalism is the most dangerous job in the world. Well, this proves “them” right.

Je Suis Charlie.

It worries me late into the early dawn what world my children are inheriting. Especially the world their children will inherit…the news is allowed to infiltrate our home at a minimum. Unfortunately, her history teacher makes her watch CNN so the terrors and fears of the outside world is very present in her young and tender mind and heart.

So yes, God Bless 2015…because 13 days into 2015 has found us on our knees praying for peace and harmony. Every day. Every night.


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