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San Diego Int’l Film Festival is bigger and better

December 30th, 2017 by Jeanne Ferris | Comments Off on San Diego Int’l Film Festival is bigger and better | Filed in Jeanne Ferris

San Diego International Film Festival Opening Night film was the very well-received “Marshall” about the first black Supreme Court Justice screened at the beautifully restored Balboa Theatre.

The Opening Night party was at the elegant rooftop Westgate Hotel. Hollywood Casino hosted the party which was replete with casino tables and fabulous showgirls.

One of only six Moet Chandon champagne vending machines in the U.S. is at the super cool Pendry Hotel (base hub and partner with the SDiFF). The photo of the purple jewelry bag below is a sipping flute which fits into the top of a split. A special coin is purchased from a server and deposited into the machine ($16)! Flute tended to drip so design needs to be perfected unless you like wearing the aroma of bubbly. Anyway, I prefer sipping from a glass flute. Much more civilized. Seemed gauche slugging back from the bottle.

Photo below:  Variety Night of the Stars Tribute honored Sir Patrick Stewart with the Gregory Peck Award in the Grand Ballroom @ The Pendry Hotel.

I really missed our usual Tribute interviewer and host, Jeffrey Lyons, NBC Film Critic of more than 15,000 films! — he always has a personal movie star anecdote to share with the honoree and audience that is often so funny and captivating. I wished he interviewed Sir Patrick (My two cents.)

Kumail Nanjiani (The Big Sick) was honored with the Auteur Award and stole the night with his hilarious perpetual off-the-cuff quipping of the word, “auteur”in his acceptance speech.








SDiFF Industry Panels in the absolutely hip Oxford Social Club in the Pendry Hotel

Tonya Mantooth (Exec. Director of SDiFF) serving as Panels Moderator is on the far left.

Actor and Hereditary Chief of Sac & Fox Nations,  Saginaw Grant with yours truly.

Buy your SDiFF festival passes today and support the independent filmmakers of the world <>.

Happy Christmas and bless those before us, after us and those with us now.

xo, j

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Festing at San Diego Film Festival

October 7th, 2013 by Jeanne Ferris | No Comments | Filed in Jeanne Ferris


Festing at San Diego Film Festival (SDFF)  felt like I took a vacation in my own town.

I got to:

  • preview a big Oscar contender, the harrowing and exhausting “12 Years as a Slave” (hated it but appreciated its objective)
  • spoke with Judd Apatow, a very funny director—I asked him if Brick (a character from Anchorman I) would ever pay for his crimes?  He answered, very good question and very good idea, but he wasn’t going to pay me for it.  Thank you for the good question, Sorensen, we can sue him for property rights together 🙂
  • took a photograph with a very influential man, Jeffrey Lyons, a New York movie critic, (not your usual movie star, but nevertheless, a well respected opinion)
  • met many creative and movie loving people at the V.I.P. lounges and Industry Panels
  • observed people observing actors who observed the cameras while walking the red carpet
  • AND  worked with other devoted volunteers who hope to see SDFF reach the same respected level of other international festivals such as the Toronto Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, the Tribecca Film Festival, etc.
  • made one good friend whom I will stay in touch with

Of course, there were some technical glitches like only half a reel was screened at the tribute for Judd Apatow, microphones faded out perpetually, misprinted theater locations and times, understaffing, but like all good recipes, each year should be better and better.  I believe the co-founders, Dale Strack and Tonya Mantooth have their hearts in the right place and deserve the support and applause for their gargantuan effort in producing this monumental event.

The V.I.P. lounges were packed  with beautiful people, wannabee movie stars, sponsors and “industry” professionals.  Industry is the word which is used for people who work in, with and around movie magic…even catering is fancily known as craft services.

A memorable image for me is when one particular young man did not move for a good half hour as he methodically stuffed his face over a communal trough of free sushi at the Bang Bang Club (opening night party).  Despite the throbbing, overly loud bass speaker, I overheard another gentleman yell, “Germs!” to his date with complete distaste and pulled her away to escape it all. Having not eaten since lunchtime and hearing Big Ben chiming 10:00 p.m. (really, just my stomach grumbling)—I, being known as the next paranoid Howard Hughes contender… threw caution to the darkness and timidly stuck my chopsticks into this germ ridden trough to skewer a tiny sushi roll.  I ended up sticking my fingers in it and popping in succession, about five pieces into my mouth because I couldn’t pick it up with sticks.  I guess I must have looked like the other guy who was still stuffing rolls as fast as he could before anyone else could get in front of him.

I also popped a Super Immunity vitamin when I got home after washing my hands in boiling hot water with lye.

The next starry night at the gorgeous venue, Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla, I drank Northern California pinot noir and ate at the craft service table of the restaurant Amaya chefs and felt I had arrived at the right party.  To the tune of a single flamenco guitar, I chatted with sponsors, actors and filmmakers.  Tonight’s tribute was for Judd Apatow and following his receipt of  the Visionary Filmmaker Award, Apatow sat down with Jeffrey Lyon for an entertaining interview but not before the zealous and family unfriendly David Koechner profanely extolled Apatow’s directorship and comedic prowess—Koechner’s tribute sounded more like a roast than a toast.

The post reception offered pumpkin pudding mousse, key lime meringue cookie, and rich dark chocolates with white wine only for me (no red wine was allowed nor served inside the museum) with a full bar for the more intrepid drinkers.  The only stars I wanted to meet was a Native American and the Buddhist monk whose introduction was as the Peace Emissary of the Dalai Lama.  Twenty four old Justin Nappi received the Emerging Producer award and his parents were apparently friends of the Peace Emissary, so we all got a little Tibetan whirled peas as a result.

Jeez louise, Nappi only graduated in 2010 and he’s making movies like Arbitrage!

I just figured out I wanted to write my novel in 2010 after two kids and an almost film career as an actor in my 20’s.  It pays to set goals in the womb, I guess.

Screening after screening, I found myself sneaking my fancy multi-colored silk and satin covered hemmoriod pillow into the theater to offset all that sitting.  Shhh!  My glamour.  With my butter soaked popcorn (who cares, I’m not in front of the camera) and regular soda pop, (no diet for me, have you ever seen a skinny person order diet Coke or Pepsi?)…I am satiated with festing till next year’s festival.  Plus, I didn’t want my family to divorce me for staying out so much.

Till then, can’t wait.




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